KOBAYASHI Throat Spray 小林制药嗓子疼咽喉上火肿痛喉咙喷雾口腔喷剂

Efficacy: throat inflammation, pain and other symptoms suitable for: adult throat discomfort, throat inflammation, swelling, hoarseness, speech pain, cough usage and dosage: 3-5 times a day, appropriate amount of spray on the affected area.

For bacteria and infections that cause throat inflammation. It is unnecessary to use cotton stick and use long mouth spray, which can ensure that the medicine liquid is sprayed to the affected part and effectively exert its effect. It is easy to carry and can be used when necessary.

Cool feeling after use, feel comfortable, improve throat discomfort.

[precautions] (1) align the tube of this product with the affected part, and gently exhale air while spraying (while inhaling and using, liquid may flow into bronchi and lung). (2) In case of getting into the eyes, wash with water or warm water immediately. If the symptoms are serious, go to the ophthalmologist for treatment. (3) If you swallow a lot of medicine, please go to the hospital immediately. [note for use] the following persons are not allowed to use it: (1) people with iodine allergy; (2) thyroid patients (3) pregnant women; (4) during lactation; 2. Do not use it continuously for a long time; do not use it in large quantities; if the symptoms do not change after 5-6 days of use, please stop using it. Please read the manual carefully before using it in a place where children are not easy to contact; store in a cool place, free from direct sunlight. After use, the cover must be tightened and the nozzle should be turned back to its original position.

Specification: 15ml/25ml

Type: Spray

Origin: Japan

 KOBAYASHI Throat Spray 25ml  KOBAYASHI Throat Spray 25ml