LIMITED ROYCE Nama Chocolate Pistachio

Rich aroma and rich taste of Sicilian pistachios

Fragrantly roasted Sicilian pistachios are made into a paste in our own factory and mixed with white chocolate to create raw chocolate. In order to get the straight taste of pistachio, we chose a chocolate with a clean taste, and topped it off with pistachio-flavored chocolate powder. Enjoy the aroma of freshly ground pistachios that melts in your mouth and the rich flavor.





香喷喷的西西里开心果在我们自己的工厂中制成糊状,并与白巧克力混合制成生巧克力。 为了得到开心果的原汁原味,我们选择了口感干净的巧克力,并在上面撒上开心果味的巧克力粉。 享受在口中融化的新鲜研磨开心果的香气和浓郁的味道。