ADERIA Coconeco Drink Glasses Calico Cat 230ml 猫猫磨砂玻璃杯印花布猫小号

Aderia has been manufacturing glassware since 1819. With their know-how, they have perfected the art of producing beautiful and well designed glassware that is highly durable, through the removal of impurities and a special process of crystallising glass.

  • Size 9.2cm x 7.2cm x 7.2cm (230ml)
  • Each glass comes in its own box

Made in Japan
By Aderia

Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd. is a 200-year-old glass manufacturer.
The tableware brand “ADERIA” has been in business for 70 years.
Based on the concept of “richness in your immediate vicinity”, we will continue to color the dining tables of many homes through glass tableware.

Fluffy fur, fluffy paws. A cat’s limbs are full of charm.
Even when you’re busy and want to borrow a cat’s hand, you’ll always have a relaxing time together.

〇 It is a cute glass with a cat foot shape with a pink paw on the bottom.
〇 The popular cat pattern and the leopard and tiger, which are cats, have joined the ranks.
〇 When you add milk or milk tea, it transforms into a CAT!
〇 The ground glass texture is a cute texture that reproduces the fluffy feeling of a cat’s fur.
〇Since it is individually wrapped in a transparent package, it is perfect as a gift for cat lovers or as a small gift.
〇 As a lineup, we also handle kitten size and parent cat size, and a set as a gift for cat lovers so that parents and children can use it together.

Quality display: Soda glass
*Not heat-resistant glass.

Precautions for use:
●Avoid using this product for anything other than its intended purpose.
●Please note that sudden temperature changes (especially rapid cooling) may cause cracking.
●If it is cracked or damaged, replace it as soon as possible.
●Product images are taken to be the same as the actual product as much as possible, but the color may be slightly different.

ADERIA Coconeco Drink Glasses Calico Cat ADERIA Coconeco Drink Glasses Calico Cat

ADERIA Coconeco Drink Glasses Calico Cat