ADERIA Sakura Flower Glass Cup 2 piece set 樱花杯2个

Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd. is a 200-year-old glass manufacturer.
The tableware brand “ADERIA” has been in business for 70 years.
Based on the concept of “richness in your immediate vicinity”, we will continue to color the dining tables of many homes through glass tableware.


Gorgeous glasses with gentle colors

Pretty flowers ride the warm spring breeze and flew down to the glass.

Caliber 82 x Height 90mm Maximum 82mm

Cup: 82 x 82 x 90
Capacity: 240ml
*Per piece

Soda glass
*NOT heat-resistant glass.

●If it gets scratched, it will be easily damaged.
●Do not hit against hard objects such as glass.
●Do not use metal scrubbers or cleansers that may damage the glass when cleaning.
●It is not heat-resistant glass! It may crack due to sudden temperature changes.
●It cannot be used in a microwave or oven, as well as an open fire.
●Product images are taken to be the same as the actual product as much as possible, but the color may be slightly different.