Betta Doctor Jewel 150ml (made of heat resistant glass) 贝塔玻璃奶瓶

Doctor Betta Baby Bottle has a unique shape and original rubber nipple design that makes the ideal feeding posture possible.

This baby bottle has been developed after many years of research and development with pediatricians.

Straight baby bottles may contribute to the problems associated with infant feeding. It is estimated that 70% of sicknesses that children experience in their first few years of life is caused by a lying-flat feeding posture.

Dr. Betta baby bottle has a unique curve that maintains an ideal feeding posture. The importance of drinking in a natural posture with head upright may not be widely known yet. However, maintaining this posture can bring many positive effects that let your baby feed easily, such as preventing any milk from flowing into the eustachian tube, and a facilitated swallowing movement even for babies affected with poor feeding.

All this from one advantage: “an upright position feeding”.


  • Materials: Heat resistant glass (bottle), Polypropelene (cap) / silicon (nipple)
  • Capacity: 150ml
  • Heat-resistant temperature: 120℃
  • Made in Japan

Betta Doctor Glass Milk Bottle Jewel 150ml

Betta Doctor Glass Milk Bottle Jewel 150ml