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Boraginol A Ointment 20g 痔疮膏 Expiry Date July 2026


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日本武田制药 痔疮膏20g 凝胶 痔疮药 愈合幽门软膏

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Boraginol A Ointment 20g 痔疮膏

Primarily for hemorrhoids outside/ around the anus
Feature 1. Superb effects by 4 kinds of active ingredients
Four ingredients effectively act to relieve pain, bleeding, swelling, and itching due to hemorrhoids.

How the 4 active ingredients work
• Prednisolone acetate relieves inflammation
This is a steroidal anti-inflammatory ingredient which relieves inflammation, bleeding, swelling, and itching.

• Lidocaine relieves pain and itching
A local anesthetic that temporarily numbs the affected areas to relieve pain and itching.

• Allantoin helps heal cuts
Acceleration of wound healing and repair of tissue.

• Vitamin E acetate (Tocopherol acetate) helps relieve blood congestion
Improvement of congestion by promoting peripheral blood circulation

Feature 2. Easy- to- use ointment type
Made with smooth, slippery, oily base

The little irritant oily base protects damage lesion.
This is a white to slightly yellowish white ointment.

This product is particularly effective if inserted after bowel movement or bathing, or at bedtime.

Unscrew the cap, turn it upside-down, and push the sharp point inside the cap into the top of the tube to pierce the tube membrane.

Take an amount of ointment enough to cover the affected areas using a clean finger, and apply to the affected areas directly or by spreading on gauze, etc.

If the ointment becomes hard to squeeze out
The ointment may become too hard to squeeze out of the tube during the cold season or when stored at low temperature. Warm it by holding with the hand until it becomes soft.
Made in Japan

Boraginol A Ointment
Boraginol A Ointment

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