EARTH Black Cap Cockroach Bait 12 pieces 蟑螂药小黑帽室内用

With 7 effects for great efficacy!
・Effective from the day you lay it down!
・Also effective on the eggs of cockroaches that eat this!
・Effective on cockroaches with a drug resistance!
・As well as the cockroach that eats this, it is also effective on cockroaches that eat the feces or corpse of that cockroach!
・With a black colored container that will make them feel safe eating it!
・With 3 entrances, luring in cockroaches from all angles!
・Can be placed anywhere in a room!
Contents: 12
Ingredients/Materials: [Active Ingredients] fipronil 0.05% (w/w), [Other Ingredients] liquid sugar, concentrated glycerin, starch syrup, denatonium benzoate, fragrance, Yellow 4, 8 other ingredients

Strict Precaution:

*Please Note*  Do not use on the human body! 
・This item is housed in a container. Use as-is without removing the content from the container.
Medical Consultation:
・ Should you accidentally ingest this, immediately regurgitate and get medical treatment right away, informing your doctor that the item contains fipronil.
Other Precautions:
・ Strictly adhere to the prescribed instructions and usage amounts.
・ Make sure that this doesn’t come into contact with skin, food/beverages, children’s toys, animal feed, etc.
・Should the chemical agent come into contact with your hand, wash well using soap and water.
・ Leave in a place where it won’t get wet with water.
・ When using or storing, separate from food/beverages, tableware, animal feed etc., and take care that it is not accidentally ingested.
・ When using, do not leave in a place where it can be played with by children or pets.
・ When you have finished using the item, make sure it is not touched by children etc., and throw away as plastic waste.
Precautions regarding storage & handling:
・ Avoid direct sunlight. Store out of reach of children.