Eve A Tablets Pain Relieve Pain Reliever 60 Tablets 白兔eve止疼药止疼片A锭止痛药


・ Relief of pain associated with menstruation, headache, toothache, sore throat, joints, muscles, neuralgia, lower-back, stiff-shoulders, tooth extraction, bruising, earache, bone fracture, sprains and wounds
・ Fever reduction, relief from chills due to fever


Menstrual pain (physiological pain), headache, toothache, throat pain, arthralgia, muscle pain, neuralgia, low back pain, stiff shoulder pain, pain after tooth extraction, bruising pain, ear pain, fracture pain, numbness pain, traumatic pain relief.

Relieving fever during chills and fever


Take the following dose up to 3 times a day, at intervals of at least 4 hours, avoid taking on an empty stomach. This drug should be taken with either cold or lukewarm water.
・ Adults (15 years and over): 2 tablets
・ Children under 15 years of age: DO NOT TAKE

Internal capacity
60 tablets

(Failure to observe the following may cause the present symptoms to worsen or produce adverse drug reactions and/or accidents.)
1. The following people must not take this drug:
(1) Those with a previous allergic reaction to this drug or ingredients of the drug
(2) Those who have ever suffered from asthma after taking this drug or other drugs for the relief of pain and fever or after taking other cold medicines
(3) Children under 15 years of age
(4) Pregnant women whose due date is within 12 weeks
2. Do not take this drug in combination with any of the following drugs:
Other pain reliever and fever reducers, cold medicines, sedatives or motion sickness drugs
3. Do not drive or operate machinery after taking this drug.
(Sleepiness may occur.)
4. Do not drink alcohol before or after taking this drug.
5. Do not use this drug for a prolonged period of time.

2tablets contain:
・ Ibuprofen – 150 mg
・ Allylisopropylacetylurea – 60 mg
・ Anhydrous Caffeine – 80 mg

Additives: Croscarmellose sodium, anhydrous silicic acid, cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, hypromellose, macrogol, magnesium stearate, talc and titanium oxide

Eve A Tablets Pain Relieve Pain Reliever

Eve A Tablets Pain Relieve Pain Reliever