Fujiya Lollipops Mixed fruit Pop Candy Bag 2 pieces Limited Edition MELON不二家护齿水果味棒棒糖 哈密瓜限定 20支

Best Before Sep 2024

An adorable and delicious lollipops featuring the kawaii mascot Peko-chan! Peko-chan is Fujiya’s iconic mascot. Fujiya is a well known Japanese confectionery company that is known for its iconic candies and snacks! This lollipop pack contains 20 lollipops and has a selection of flavours: grape, orange, strawberry and MELON! These lollipops are made with tea extract which also makes them tooth friendly!

Ⓥ – suitable for vegetarians


Sugar, Starch Syrup, Fruits Paste (Orange, Peach, Grape, Strawberry), Acidulant (E330, E334), Flavour, Colouring [E160(a)(i), E163, Gardenia], Tea Extract

Fujiya Lollipops Mixed fruit Pop Candy Bag

Fujiya Lollipops