GU Style Heat Extra Long Sleeve Top XXL Grey 保暖内衣内搭

Equipped with six functions to make your daily life more comfortable (moisture absorption, heat generation, stretch, anti-static, heat retention, antibacterial and deodorizing, and can be dried indoors). It is about 1.5 times warmer than regular Style Heat, and the fleece lining makes it a great inner layer for cold days.


具备六大功能,让您的日常生活更加舒适(吸湿、发热、拉伸、抗静电、保温、抗菌除臭、兼容室内干燥)。它比普通 Style Heat 保暖约 1.5 倍,并具有拉绒衬里,因此特别推荐在寒冷的天气里作为内层。