HAPICA Toy Story Electric Character Kid’s Toothbrush Holder Brush 6 pieces 儿童电动牙刷

A set for children of the long-selling product “Electric Toothbrush Hapika”. Suitable as an introductory machine for electric toothbrushes.

High-quality Toray nylon is used for the brush flocking part. All plastic molded products use safe domestically produced materials.

Recommended by the Japan School Health Association for 20 consecutive years, so you can use it with peace of mind.

Product features
Body size: 17.2cmx2.5cmx2.1cm Weight: 57g (electric toothbrush only)
With the assistance of 7,000 ultra-fine tapping vibrations per minute, you can easily perform small brushing that is difficult for children.
An ultra-compact brush head that can be used to clean every corner of your mouth.
7 brushes are included, including those attached to the main unit. The hardness of the hair is soft.
Comes with a hard case for convenient storage and carrying.
made in Japan

HAPICA Toy Story Electric Character Kid's Toothbrush

HAPICA Toy Story Electric Character Kid's Toothbrush