Moisturizing face wash for pores
・ Strawberry pores on the nose and jaw
Baking soda * floats dirt on sebum, and the square plug is smooth
・ Cheek orange pores
Scrape old dead skin with soft scrub of baking soda *
* Na bicarbonate: Scrub

After washing, it is moist and smooth
◎ Skin-friendly amino acid-based detergent

Powder type
● Take an appropriate amount, lather it well, and wash it like a massage on your skin.
● Rinse carefully without rubbing.
● Finally, rinse with cold water and tighten the pores.
・ Be careful not to have any allergies on your skin.
・ Should this disagree with your skin, discontinue use.
Sodium bicarbonate, talc, cocoylglycine Na, silica