Kid’s Cartoon Lunch Box 550ml Made in Japan

A simple one-tier lunch box that is light and easy to use.

Pack your lunch and freeze it as is!
Microwave heating OK with the lid on!
Lid with packing that prevents soup from leaking.
Comes with a partition plate for easy packing.
The simple design makes it convenient as a food storage container.
Dishwasher safe.

[Product size (about)]
Size: width 159 x depth 126 x height 64mm
Capacity: 550ml
(1 cup of rice is 200ml and the amount of rice that fits in 1/2 of the main unit: 1.4 cups)
Weight: 115g

[Quality indication]
Lid/Body/Partition/Stopper: Polypropylene
Packing/Air valve: Silicone rubber

【Heatproof temperature】
-20 to 140 degrees

*Cannot be used for open flames, ovens, or grills.

●Made in Japan