DOKKAN Super Herb Aburadasu Premium

This diet support supplement combines 39 kinds of fermented plant extracts and herbal fiber along with amino acids, seawater extract and calcium extracted from coral.

Aid your diet with 7 different kinds of herbal extracts, bifidus bacteria, fructooligosaccharides, and lactic acid bacteria!

Contains relaxing herbs for a sound night’s sleep!

Burn energy and calories with amino acids!

Give your health and beauty a boost with vitamins and minerals!
Contains a balanced combination of:
· Seawater extract
· Coral calcium
· Coenzyme Q10
· Vitamins C · B 2 · B 1 · A · D 3 niacin, soybean lecithin

How to use:4 to 9 tablets a day. Preferably 6 tablets depending on your condition.

180 tablets

Made in Japan

DOKKAN Super Herb Aburadasu Premium

DOKKAN Super Herb Aburadasu Premium