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KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Drain Cleaning Tablet 小林制药下水道地漏除臭

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The odor and slime are refreshing!

Drains in kitchens, baths and washrooms, pools of toilet bowls, etc.

(Not suitable for copper, brass, cast iron, aluminum, soft PVC, wood, rubber)

Liquid Property:

Weakly acidic to neutral


Chlorinated isocyanurate, foaming agent (carbonate / organic acid)

Net amount:

12 tablets (66g)

The estimated amount of use:

Kitchen / bathroom / washroom drain / puddle of toilet bowl … 1 tablet

Strainer / triangular corner / cutting board … 1 tablet for about 2L of water

How to use:

Throw one tablet into the drain of the kitchen / bathroom / washroom and the puddle of the toilet bowl.
For strainers, triangular corners, and cutting boards, put one tablet in a container for about 2 L of water and leave it on.
Put 1 tablet per 10L in the washing machine with water.
For small drains such as wash basins where tablets are difficult to enter, dissolve in water and pour.

In either case, leave it for about 30 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly with water.

Do not damage the septic tank for home use.

Out of stock

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KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Drain Cleaning Tablet (12 tablets, Scent Free) 小林制药下水道地漏除臭

Product Details

Household Cleaning & Housekeeping Cleaning Goods Drain Cleaners & Solvents This cleaner strongly eliminates and removes the odor-causing dirt and bacteria and performs deodorization. A strong foaming effect can effectively penetrate deep inside the toilet tank or washing machine drum. Simply drop the cleansing tablet for easy cleaning of drainage pipes or utensils in the kitchen bathroom or washroom. It can be used for kitchen, washstand, bathroom drain, water collection below the toilet.


Kitchen, washstand, bathroom drain, toilet, etc. only need to put 1 spindle, rest for about 30 minutes, then clean Triangular truss, flow table filter, can be immersed in 2 liters of water and cast 1 tablet, stand still 30 minutes, rinse off with water after washing out 1 inch per 10 liters of washing machine tank water, let stand for about 30 minutes, then clean in normal laundry mode
Suitable For: Easily removes the odor and dirt of the drain pipe Simple and convenient to use

KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Drain Cleaning Tablet

KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Drain Cleaning Tablet

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