Kocostar Hand Mask Can Be Operated With A Smartphone 戴上可滑手机的手膜去死皮老茧嫩白保湿

For those who are not satisfied with moisturizing cream! Premium hand mask !

《Characteristics of Hand Bouquet Mask》

A glove-shaped hand mask made from a beauty mask.

It is a versatile item that provides hand care that goes one step further than hand cream and infiltrates the skin with moisturizing and beauty ingredients ♪

It is a skin-friendly product that does not contain coloring agents, mineral oil, ethanol, or parabens.

Uses a special waterproof material

If you stop the seal, you don’t have to worry about liquid leakage! You can also operate your smartphone! It’s okay to lie down ♪

<< How to use the hand bouquet mask >>

① Cut off the center of the hand bouquet mask.

② Put a hand mask on your clean hands. Secure your wrist with the sticker on the side.

③ Leave it for 20 minutes before removing the hand mask.

④ Apply the liquid remaining on your skin to your entire hand as if rubbing it in. No rinsing is required.

Since it is a material that can be operated with a smartphone, you can effectively use the waiting time ♪



① 将双手洗净后,打开包装取出手膜,沿中间虚线将手膜一分为二,

②在干净的手上戴上富含滋润精华的手膜。 用侧面的贴纸固定手腕。

③ 静置20分钟后取下手膜。

④ 将残留在皮肤上的液体像揉搓一样涂抹在整个手上,直至残余精华被肌肤彻底吸收。 无需冲洗。





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