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Kracie Popin Cookin Obento Lunchbox Candy Kit Educational Confectionery 欢乐厨房DIY午餐套餐食玩手工糖


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Kracie Popin Cookin Obento Candy Kit Educational Confectionery 欢乐厨房DIY午餐套餐食玩手工糖

This popular Popin’ Cookin’ kit is back after a long absence! This original bento candy kit from Kracie allows you to create an adorable and delicious Japanese lunch box. Very detailed and fun to make. Six flavors including soda, strawberry, orange, muscat, grape, and lemon.

6 items to create including: 2 onigiri (rice balls), fried chicken (Karaage), tamagoyaki (egg), broccoli, wiener, and pasta.

There are detailed picture instructions on the back panel along with Japanese explanations. Quite easy to figure out as the packages are color coded. Or just check out YouTube as many people are posting their creations there.

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