Marumiya NORITAMA Furikake 拌饭料

25g (not 28g which is showing on the picture)

Marumiya is one of the biggest names when it comes to furikake, boasting its own extensive “furikake series.” The Noritama flavor combines nori (dried seaweed) with tamago (egg) and is the most popular long seller among colorful furikake products.

Japanese people immediately recognize the characteristic taste of the subtly sweet egg granule and the aromatic shredded seaweed, recognizable from the very first bite ever taken.

The nori is a blend of seaweed from various production areas while the egg granule also features two different kinds of flavors – for what seems like a simple furikake, there is a lot of commitment inside the package.

Ingredients: Raw materials and components (Chicken, bonito, seafood, yeast), chicken, starch, chicken fat, defatted sesame, eggs, sugar, flour, lactose, salt, soybean processed products, seaweed, bean jam, mackerel Kezuribushi, margarine, palm oil, seaweed calcium, extract milk powder, soy sauce, powdered vegetable protein, green tea, blue, high-fructose corn syrup, egg yolk oil, yeast, mirin, rapeseed oil, butter, soybean oil, seasoning (amino acids), carotenoids, antioxidants (vitamin E)
Allergen : egg, dairy product, wheat, sesame seeds, mackerel, soy beans, chicken