POLA White Shot SXS N Facial Serum 20g 炫白 重点精华霜

POLA White Shot SXS N Facial Serum 20g

An industry-first in advocating “Aggressive Noise,” which focuses on the cheeks.

This is a cream-type brightening essence that lingers in areas of concern.
It prevents spots and freckles* for translucent skin.

A concentrated whitening essence that aims for clear and transparent skin.
We aim to create a clear and transparent feeling by blending POLA’s original complex beauty essence into the areas where you are concerned about the creamy beauty essence.

  • A targeted whitening facial serum with a rich emulsion texture.
  • Forms a protective white film that adheres to the targeted area for a long time.
  • Formulated with different active brightening ingredients & beauty essences.
  • Includes exclusive Rucinol EX Vitamin C derivative SC Liquid & m-A Clear Essence.
  • Helps inhibit the formation of melanin while reducing dark spots & discoloration.
  • SXS Shot Delivery Technology allows the active brightening ingredients to target melanin.
  • Keeps skin smooth & hydrated.
  • Reveals a clearer whiter brighter more translucent & even-toned complexion.
  • Allergy-tested.

How to use:

  • After using regular cleanser, apply an appropriate amount of this Pola white shot on your skin.
  • As a guide, use about 1 small pearl for the part you care about, and 3 small pearls per cheek if you use it widely.
  • Tap your skin to help the product absorb better.


Active ingredient: 4-n-butylresorcin, ascorbic acid 2-glucoside

Other ingredients: water, cyclopentasiloxane, BG, glycerin, POE / dimethicone copolymer, silicic anhydride, light isoparaffin, glycyrrhizinic acid 2K, hydrogenated soybean Phosphoric acid, Himefuuro extract, Cucumber extract, Biwa leaf extract, Aloe extract-2, Phytosterol, Chlorella extract, Star fruit leaf extract, Seaweed extract-1, Artichoke extract, Clara extract-1, Shirakaba extract, Rosemary extract, Bukuryo extract , Mayorana extract, Drosophila extract, Yuzuceramide, dimethyl distearyl ammonium bentonite, highly polymerized dimethicone-1, sucrose fatty acid ester, K hydroxide, diglyceryl triisostearate, ethanol, sorbitan isostearate, Na citrate, methylhydrogen Polysiloxane, PEG oleate, citric acid, polyglyceryl oleate, myristic acid, anhydrous ethanol, titanium oxide, talc, diethylenetriamine 5acetic acid 5Na solution, Al hydroxide, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben

POLA White Shot SXS N Facial Serum 20g 炫白 重点精华霜



POLA White Shot SXS N Facial Serum