Potatoes enough to chew Natural sweetness. A rare variety from Hokkaido, “Inca Awakening”. It was stored at low temperature and finished crispy by its own frying method. A premium potato snack with a pleasant texture. Rare varieties from Hokkaido “Inka no Mezame” A small, bright yellow variety. Because it grows quickly and storage management is difficult Not many are planted. With a smooth and fine texture The sweet and unique flavour is popular. Ingredients Potato (from Hokkaido) (using Inca awakening), vegetable oil, salt (using Okhotsk salt) / antioxidant (vitamin C) Allergens This product contains the following allergens: <Specified allergens and those equivalent to specific allergens> Non-applicable This product is made in the same facility as products containing eggs, milk components, wheat, shrimp and crab. Nutrition Facts per pack (18g) Calories 102 kcal Protein 1.1 g Fat 6.6 g Carbohydrates 9.5 g Salt equivalent 0.05 g