ROYCE Nama Chocolate Orange & Mango Limited Time 生巧克力橘子芒果

Flavored with orange and mango

Based on chocolate with white chocolate and mango powder, orange and mango puree are combined, and orange liqueur is added for a faint scent. The refreshing orange flavor and the rich sweetness of the mango melt together with the white chocolate and spread throughout your mouth. Enjoy the fruity taste that will make you feel like a resort with one bite.


以巧克力为基础,加入白巧克力和芒果粉,结合橙子和芒果泥,加入橙子利口酒,散发淡淡的香味。 清爽的橙味和芒果的浓郁甜味与白巧克力融为一体,在口中蔓延开来。 享受水果的味道,一口就能让您感觉像是度假胜地。



ROYCE Nama Chocolate Orange & Mango ROYCE Nama Chocolate Orange & Mango