ROYCE Potato Chip Chocolate Matcha (May Only) 5月限定 巧克力薯片 抹茶

The aroma of matcha, the perfect balance of bitterness and saltiness is impressive.

One side of the potato chip is coated with “Ishigaki salt” with a blend of two types of chocolate: matcha with a refreshing bitterness and astringency and matcha with a rich taste and sweetness. The secret pistachio paste added to the chocolate serves as a bridge between the mellow saltiness and matcha flavor.


薯片的一侧涂有“石垣盐”,混合了两种巧克力:抹茶具有清爽的苦味和涩味,抹茶具有浓郁的口感和甜味。 添加到巧克力中的秘密开心果酱在醇厚的咸味和抹茶味之间架起了一座桥梁。



ROYCE Potato Chip Chocolate Matcha