Sapporo Nogakko Agricultural College Milk Cookies Hokkaido北海道大学认定 札幌农学校饼干 金奖受赏

赏味期 Best Before 29-10-2022

北海道大学认定 札幌农学校饼干 连续3年 金奖受赏 盒装

Sapporo Nogakko Hokkaido Milk Cookies are made with high quality and fresh ingredients from Hokkaido.

The cookies are carefully baked to bring out all the natural flavors of the ingredients and have a rich, milky flavor and soft texture that melts in your mouth.

Taking advantage of the rich and unique flavour of Hokkaido dairy, the taste of these Japanese biscuits is guaranteed!


  • Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter, condensed milk, vegetable oil, egg, sugar, rice syrup, salt, liquor, vanilla, aroma.
  • Allergy information: Flour, butter, eggs
  • Contents: Box of 12 cookies
  • Manufacturer: Kinotoya
  • Made in Hokkaido, Japan

【商品名称】:札幌農学校 特制牛奶饼干






Sapporo Nogakko Agricultural College Milk Cookies