Skater Children’s 2WAY Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Cup Elsa 430ml 双头保温水壶保温壶

A water bottle that can be used for both direct drinking and cup drinking
You can drink cold drinks as they are
2WAY type that can be drunk directly or with a cup
With a lock function to prevent the lid from opening unexpectedly
Drinking with the cup is recommended for hot drinks
Widely used from children to elementary and junior high school students
Shoulder belt that can be hung from the shoulder, with name plate.

Insulation effect:
45 degrees or more (24 hours) when using the inner plug

Cooling effect:

8 degrees or less (6 hours) when using the inner plug

8 degrees or less (6 hours) when using the cap unit

Microwave oven and dishwasher cannot be used.

Production area: China
Materials / Ingredients:
Inner bottle / mouthpiece / stainless steel
body / stainless steel (acrylic resin coating)
cup / inner plug / lid / polypropylene
cap / saturated polyester resin (PET resin)
packing / silicone
bottom plate / elastomer resin