Skater Children’s Spoon and Fork Set Sumikko Gurashi 13 cm 角落生物叉勺套装

● A set with a spoon, fork, and case for children’s lunch boxes that are compatible with dishwashers.

● A slide type that can be pulled out with a finger so that even children can easily open and close it.

● It has a strong and durable structure.

● It can be disassembled and washed easily, and can be used cleanly at any time.

[Dishwasher compatible slide combination set Sumikko Gurashi Camp CC2 raw materials]

Lid: AS resin, body: polypropylene, spoon / fork: stainless steel, handle: ABS resin [Standard outline] Body size: Case / width 16.6 * height 6.5 * height 1.7 (cm),

spoon / fork / 13 cm

Made in Japan