Skater Insulation Lunch Box Bowl Type Lunch Jar 540ml 保温饭盒便当密封碗型

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Skater Insulation Lunch Box Bowl Type Lunch Jar 540ml 保温饭盒便当密封碗型

[Product details of antibacterial bowl type lunch jar 540ml for heat and cold insulation]
Enjoy hot rice and noodles in a donburi style
●Recommended for cold salad pasta!
●Because the ingredients can be left behind, the rice and noodles will not be soggy with soup♪
●The inner container has a packing that prevents juice from leaking, so you can remove the lid and microwave!
The main body has a vacuum double structure that can be kept warm and cold.

[Insulation antibacterial bowl type lunch jar 540ml]
・Body: Stainless steel (acrylic resin coating), Lid: Polypropylene (Middle material: Styrofoam), Middle container/Inner container lid: Polypropylene, Packing: Silicone rubber, Bottom plate: Thermoplastic elastomer
[Standard overview]
・ Thermal insulation effect: 52 degrees or more (6 hours)
・Total capacity: 540ml (middle container: 220ml)
・Size: Diameter 115* Height 140mm
・Weight: 330g
・Heat resistant temperature: Main body, lid, inner container/inner container, packing/-20 to 140 degrees, bottom plate/-20 to 70 degrees
・Type of antibacterial agent used: Inorganic antibacterial agent
・Processing method: Kneading
・Processed parts: whole (excluding metal parts and middle materials)
* The SIAA mark is displayed on products that have been quality controlled and information disclosed according to the guidelines of the Antimicrobial Product Technology Council, based on the results of evaluation according to the ISO22196 method.

Color pink
Materials Stainless steel, silicone, acrylic, plastic
Brand Skater
Recommended use of the product Thermal lunch box
Features Microwave available (inside container)
・Total capacity: Body = 320ml Middle container = 220ml
Pattern plain
Product Care Instructions Hand wash only


【保温保冷用 抗菌 丼型ランチジャー 540ml の商品詳細】

  • サイズ:直径11.4×高さ13.8cm
  • 素材・材質:本体=ステンレス鋼 フタ+中ブタ+中容器+中容器フタ=ポリプロピレン 中容器パッキン=シリコン樹脂 底板=エラストマー樹脂

・総容量:本体=320ml 中容器=220ml





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