Sylvanian Families Husky Babies 森林家族森贝儿哈士奇宝宝

Jeremy and Amber, the twin husky Sylvanian Families, are really very fun and cheerful little ones. Jeremy loves to play with his sister Amber outdoors. He is a very good big brother who takes excellent care of little triplets. He often plays “A kuku” with them and pushes them all over the house in his little locomotive.

One day he would like to pull a sleigh like his big siblings. Like Jeremy, Amber loves to play with her little brother and sisters. She is unmatched at making funny faces when they play A Cuckoo or throw talent contests. Triplets always laugh a lot about it. The Sylvanian Families Husky Twins set includes two movable husky figures and a small locomotive.

Ages 3yrs+.

Sylvanian Families Husky Babies