Sylvanian Families Mole Family (1985) 森林家族森贝儿鼹鼠1985年

This set reintroduces the Mole Family Father, Mother, Boy, and Baby that were sold when Sylvanian Families was first released.

The Mole Family is a set of figures with calm and gentle expressions. They are wearing charming brightly-coloured removable vests. Mole Father is really good at digging with a shovel, and was unrivalled in the Sylvania digging competition.

Digger McBurrows is an expert at making tunnels and underground chambers. Sometimes Digger doesn’t see the sun for days at a time, especially in the winter months when the digging is harder in the frozen earth. Digger’s family love living underground as it is cosy and warm, no matter what the weather.

Heidi McBurrows is very house-proud and no matter when you visit, you’ll always find her cleaning. Her husband, Digger, says that when it comes to cleaning, she’s got ‘tunnel vision’.

Muddy McBurrows Muddy McBurrows drives his mother up the wall. He just cannot keep his clothes clean – he’s always covered in mud even when there has been no rain for weeks and weeks. His father calls him our little ‘mud magnet’!

Molly McBurrows is very clever with her hands. She uses her artistic talents to create beautiful presents and gifts for all her family and friends.

Monty McBurrows wriggles and wriggles about in his cot. That’s why his blanket is always on the floor.

Mo McBurrows burrows so far under her blankets, you can’t tell she’s there when when she’s asleep.

Sylvanian Families Mole Family