Tamagoyaki Pan Iron Made in Japan Small 玉子烧小铁锅日本制

[Product Details of Tamahashi Neocastle Tamagoyaki NCS-15BT for Lunch Box]

● Small omelet for cooking lunch.

-The handle is an egg pan made in Japan with a design made by pasting fashionable natural wood.

● Iron frying pan with good thermal efficiency.

● By continuing to use it, it will become more familiar with oil.

● You can use it for a long time, so you can use it with attachment.

● For gas fire only

[Tamahashi Neocastle Lunch Box Tamagoyaki NCS-15BT Raw Materials]

Body: Iron (silicon baking finish)

Handle: Phenol resin (bonded with natural wood)

[Standard outline] Size: Width 31 * Depth 10.2 * Height 6.3cm (Baked surface size: approx. 13 x 9 cm)

【Notes】 -Since this product is an iron product, it may rust if it is not properly maintained. After use, wipe off any water and allow it to dry, then apply a thin coat of cooking oil to the entire surface before storing. -Even if rust occurs, there is no problem with the quality, and you can use it as it is if you rub the rusted part with a scrubbing brush and dry it.

【Country of origin】 Japan

【玉桥新城玉子烧NCS-15BT午餐盒商品详情】 ● 做午饭的小煎蛋。 – 日本制造的鸡蛋盘,手柄是采用时尚天然木材制成的设计。 ● 热效率高的铁质煎锅。 ● 持续使用,请多放油保护它。 ● 可以长期使用,可以带附件使用。 ● 仅适用于燃气火灾 【玉桥新城饭盒玉子烧NCS-15BT原材料】 本体:铁(硅烤漆) 手柄:酚醛树脂(与天然木材粘合) [标准轮廓] 尺寸:宽31*深10.2*高6.3cm (烤面尺寸: 约 13 x 9 cm) 【注意】 – 由于本产品是铁制品,如果保养不当,可能会生锈。使用后,擦去所有水分并使其干燥,然后在整个表面涂上一层薄薄的食用油,然后再储存。 -即使生锈,质量也没有问题,用刷子擦拭生锈的部分并擦干后,您可以原样使用。 【出生国家】 日本


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