Torne Sumikko Gurashi Nico Nico Picker 6 pieces 角落生物水果叉

【Description of item】
It is a cute pick of the popular “Sumiko Gurashi” that can be easily colored just by sticking it into a side dish.
It is a convenient pick that can easily make your usual lunch cute.
It is a cute design that can be used for events and parties.
Enjoy your lunch time with picks.


– Set contents: Cat, polar bear, penguin? , Tonkatsu, lizard, shrimp tail x 1 each
●Material: ABS resin
●Product size: cat/about 39.5×15.6×19.8mm, polar bear/about 39.5×15.6×19.4mm, penguin? /About 39.5×15.6×19.4mm, Tonkatsu/About 39.5×16.3×18.6mm, Lizard/About 40×15.7×21.3mm, Shrimp tail/About 37 .4 x 10.7 x 14mm
●Heat resistant temperature: 70℃
-Country of origin: China
●Order unit: 1 pack (6 pieces)

*Microwave and oven cannot be used.


只需将其粘贴到配菜中即可轻松上色,是受欢迎的“Sumiko Gurashi”的可爱选择。


– 套装内容:猫、北极熊、企鹅? , 炸猪排, 蜥蜴, 虾尾各 x 1
●产品尺寸:猫/约39.5×15.6×19.8mm,北极熊/约39.5×15.6×19.4mm,企鹅? /约39.5×15.6×19.4mm,炸猪排/约39.5×16.3×18.6mm,蜥蜴/约40×15.7×21.3mm,虾尾/约37 .4 x 10.7 x 14mm


Torne Sumikko Gurashi Nico Nico Picker Torne Sumikko Gurashi Nico Nico Picker