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Woman Desire Ladies Winter Tights 200 Denier Black L-LL 女之欲望 200D 冬季连裤袜


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Woman Desire Ladies Winter Tights 200 Denier Black L-LL 女之欲望 200D 冬季连裤袜

Product introduction
A layer of soft, smooth pile keeps heat away.
The warmth of all time with a tight “back pile”.
Slender legs. Extra-thick back brushed pile stepped compression tights.

● A warm pile material that is dense on the back side.
● Soft and smooth texture of brushed back pile.
● Do not let the air warmed up by body temperature escape.
● Highly blocking and shuts out cold outside air.
● Slender legs with stepped compression design.
● Ultra-thick 200 denier matte black.

[Type] Tights (200 denier)
[Color] Black
[Size] L-LL
[Hip] 90 ~ 103cm
[Height] 155 ~ 170cm

Precautions for use
[Precautions for use]
・ Should you experience irritation, itchiness, rash or pain on your skin during use, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.
・ Due to the characteristics of the material, pills may form due to friction when worn.

[Caution for washing and discoloration]
-The color may fade due to friction.
・ Please avoid stacking or wearing the product while it is still wet as it may cause color transfer.
・ Wash separately from items of different colors, and after washing, do not leave it wet and dry it immediately.
・ Dissolve a neutral detergent in lukewarm water and wash your hands.
・ Please avoid soaking and washing.
・ Please avoid using the dryer.
・ Never use chlorine bleach.


Size L-LL  (Hips 90-103cm Height 155-170cm)

尺码 L-LL  (臀围90-103cm 身高 155-170cm)

日本制 女の欲望 200D里起毛
厚款 超保暖裤袜
阶段式着压 美腿显瘦
从小腿到大腿 阶段式压力
推荐给循环不佳 易水肿的妳

Woman Desire Ladies Winter Tights 200 D

Woman Desire Ladies Winter Tights 200 D

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