Womens Gelato Pique Animal Crossing Hoodie &Shorts Set Bear 动物之森动物森友会熊套装

[Animal Crossing COLLECTION]
We used gelato material, which is popular for its soft and high-quality fluffy feeling, which can be said to be the face of the brand.
GELATO … A surprising softness that you can’t leave once you taste it, like a softly baked sponge cake. The rich yet melting flavor delivers a feeling of well-being that makes you want to touch it all the time.

[Design / Styling]
The “Animal Crossing: New Clothes Forest” collection by “Gelato Pique” that goes well with home time has been realized. Using the most popular gelato picket material,’gelato’, we have created a hoodie that can become the character of “Animal Crossing: New Clothes Forest” just by wearing it. The zipper pull has a silicone charm with a leaf mark. Become a character and enjoy your healing time.

[ABOUT Atsumare Animal Crossing COLLECTION]
From the desire to deliver healing
By “Gelato Pique” which is perfect for home time
The second collection of “Animal Crossing: New Year’s Forest” has been realized.

You can enjoy “healing” with a free-spirited slow life
“Animal Crossing: New Year’s Forest” has been realized with the “healing” comfort brought by Gelato Pique.

This year’s lineup includes happy and colorful items.
May your time be warm to your heart.

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Item details
Material OWHT: Tops Body 97% Polyester 2% Nylon 1% Polyurethane 1% Motif Part Polyester OWHT: Pants 97% Polyester 2% Nylon 1% Polyurethane BRW: Pants 97% Polyester Nylon 2% Polyurethane 1%
Manufacturer part number PWNT22

Size & Chart

Full Length:68cm, Bust 118cm, Sleeve Length: 51cm

Womens Gelato Pique Animal Crossing Hoodie &Shorts Set Bear