YOSHIMI Sapporo Grilled Corn Hokkaido 10 Bags 北海道札幌大通公园 烤玉米烧仙贝

赏味期 Best Before 09-04-2023

Yoshimi Sapporo Grilled Corn Snack~

A delicious puffed glutinous rice snack with an aromatic grilled corn flavor.

The umami seasoning and light, crispy texture is enhanced by pieces of dehydrated corn kernels for a hint of sweetness and extra crunch.

The bite-size pieces have an almost popcorn-like appearance, but are crispier like a puffed grain cereal.

Enjoy while watching T.V., at social gatherings or as an anytime treat!

Package Details

10 PCS

Country of Origin



Rice glutinous rice, vegetable fats, dry corn, sweet corn flour, seasonings

Storage Method

Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.


YOSHIMI Sapporo Grilled Corn

YOSHIMI Sapporo Grilled Corn