Yuskin Hana Hand Cream Yuzu 50g Highly Moisturizing and Hypoallergenic Hand Cream

● Yuskin Pharmaceutical “Yuskin HANA Hand Cream Yuzu” is a high -moisturizing hand cream where “high penetration emulsion prescription” penetrates deep stratum corneum.

● Hypoallergenic prescription that focuses on safety, security and mild irritation.

● Although it is rich and rich cream, it is not sticky and easy to use during the day.

● A slightly elegant yuzu flower scent (fine fragrance)

● Alcohol -free, mineral oil -free, paraben -free, animal -derived ingredient free

● Skin stimulating test “Human patch test”, “stinging test”, and “allergic test” have been implemented. * However, it does not mean that skin irritation does not occur.


[All ingredients]

Glycerin, water, stearic acid, miristic acid isopropyl, stearate glycerl (SE), TEA, acetate, pyridoxin HCL, hydrated cocooglycerille, polyalyl alcohol, porisol alcohol.

[How to use]

Take an appropriate amount and apply it to areas of concern such as dry hands.