Beverly 3D Crystal Puzzle Totoro 44 Pieces 3D立体塑料水晶透明拼图龙猫

This puzzle is a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle that draws up transparent pieces.
When completed, you can enjoy it as an interior that shines beautifully like a crystal.
From the world-famous Ghibli animation “My Neighbor Totoro”, Totoro appears in a crystal puzzle in two colors, green and gray !!
Reproduce the characteristic silhouette with a three-dimensional puzzle without hitting it !!
The appearance of standing at the bus stop with an umbrella that Satsuki taught me how to use is one of the typical scenes of My Neighbor Totoro.
The transparent puzzle shines fantastically when completed and illuminated.
Totoro, which is very popular with adults and children, shines with crystal puzzles.

Display light is selling separately.

Package size: 95 x 175 x 48 mm
(When the header is stored: 95 x 147 x 48 mm)

Age: 7 years and over

Condition: Brand New. Unassembled. Comes in box.


Beverly 3D Crystal Puzzle Totoro 44 Pieces