Sylvanian Families Giraffe Family 森林家族森贝儿长颈鹿家族

Say hello to the Highbranch giraffe family! They’re the latest members of the Sylvanian Families neighborhood, and they’re anxious to meet you!

Egbert, the giraffe dad, is the epitome of peace and gentleness. He often forgets that he is very tall and bumps his head. He also likes old things and knows how to take care of them – he has a lot of tools from the old days.

Mama Olive is calm and gentle. She loves pudding puffs because the pudding is the same color as her. Puffs are her delicacy, which she does not like to share. Sometimes she holds the puff so high that the children cannot see them and eats them when the little ones are not looking. But babies always see the cream around their mother’s mouth and ask, “Give us some.”

Little Bran loves taking pictures with the camera his dad gave him. He wants to be as tall as his dad so that he can see far away and take beautiful pictures from above. Brie, the other baby giraffe, loves to look into the distance through the binoculars her father gave her. He likes to sit on his mother’s head to see even further. Her brother, who is a year older, takes pictures and she pastes them into her diary and describes them.

Combine with other houses and furniture (sold separately) for even more imaginative playtime.

Age: 3 years and up

Sylvanian Families Giraffe Family