CITIZEN CHW301 Sphygmomanometer Japan Version
Hard cuffs that are easy to wear at the time of measurement
Display the measured value of blood pressure and pulse rate at the same time, and adopt a large screen that is easy to see.
本CITIZEN CHW301 手腕式电子血压计,血压高低压测试功能,前次测量结果记忆功能,一键自动测量,操作简单,超大液晶显示屏。
Power Source battery type
Item Weight 0.21 Kilograms
Model Name CHW301
Band Size 13.5-21.5cm
Measurement method: Oscillometric method
Display: Digital display method
Wrist circumference: 13.5-21.5cm (measurable wrist circumference range)
Measurement range: pressure 0-280 mmHg, scale 1 mmHg, pulse 40-180 beats/min
Measurement accuracy: Pressure ±3mmHg, Pulse: ±5% of reading
Pressurization: Automatic pressurization by pump
Exhaust: Automatic exhaust by solenoid valve
Rating and power supply: DC3V (direct current), 2 AAA alkaline batteries
Number of battery uses: Approximately 400 times (once a day, when measured at room temperature of 22°C and 180mmHg pressurization)
Accessories: 2 AAA alkaline batteries (for monitor), instruction manual (with warranty), medical equipment package insert/EMC technical data/blood pressure recording paper
● Medical device certification number 225ADBZX00022000

尺寸:65 x 74 x 28 mm


量测范围:0 ~ 280 毫米汞柱,眼睛: 1 毫米汞柱,脉搏: 40 ~ 180 次每分钟

精准度压力:: ± 3 毫米汞柱脉冲: 阅读 5%± 0。

次记忆:最后一个值 (1 分)

工作温度:10 至 40 度,相对湿度 30%到 85 %rh

温度范围(储藏):-20 至 60 度和相对湿度 10-95 %rh

标准附件:AAA 碱性电池x2、 说明书 (安全证书)、 医疗设备附加的档/EMC 技术文章 / 血压记录纸