KAO Clear Clean Kids Toothpaste 70g 果味儿童牙膏低氟低泡沫

○ Grape/Melon/Strawberry flavor
○ Fluorine xylitol combination
○ Clean plaque in the gap!
○ Soft granule
○ Prevent cavities
○ Medicinal toothpaste
Brush a small amount on a toothbrush.
Do not put it directly on the scratches around your mouth. ● Should you observe an allergies such as a rash, discontinue use. ● When you see
If you do not rub it, immediately rinse it with water. In any case, if the allergies remains, bring the product and consult a doctor.
Wetting agent: Solvit liquid, PG
Base material: water
Viscosity modifier: Silicic anhydride, CMC / Na
Cleaning agent: Silica anhydride, Silicon dioxide
Flavouring: Fragrance (grape type), saccharin Na
Calcium supplementation aid: xylitol
Cleaning aid: Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose
Foaming agent: lauryl sulfate
Medicinal Ingredients: Sodium Fluoride
Preservative: Paraben
Colorant: Red

Made in Japan

KAO Clear Clean Kids Toothpaste
KAO Clear Clean Kids Toothpaste
KAO Clear Clean Kids Toothpaste