Kids Bath Ball Doggie Doggy 泡澡球会出小狗小玩具

When the round bath ball melts, a very cute mini-sized figure will come out

Enjoy what comes out after taking a bath!

You can play together, so please come to the bath time for parents and children ♪

Kinds: -Peel off the transparent film of the bath ball.

Please put it in the bath quietly. 

This product is a bathing charge. The product body and the mascot that comes out from inside cannot be eaten.
Please put one of this product into about 200L of hot water in the bathtub.
The bath ball foams and gradually melts.

Country of Origin: China
Material: TPR Na hydrogen carbonate Citric acid 5 Na triphosphate Na sulfate Na carbonate PEG-400 Fragrance Red 107 Red 227
Product size: 5.1cm x 5.1cm x 5.3cm
Contents: 1 piece