KINCHO Mosquito Bracelets (30 pieces)

Japanese Anti Mosquito/Dengue fever Kincho insect control bracelet Kaoring(30 pieces)

This is a repellent smell on the wrists and legs, can be used. Stretchy silicone, so can use family from children to adults. The smell of the floral. How to use-this bag in bag out of ring, after use in please return this bag to bag. Attach on the wrist or ankle, should be used.Is more effective on both wrists and ankles with. The effect lasts about 12 hours.


– Mosquito Bracelets

– Without pesticides & pharmaceutical ingredients

– Wet water will not affect the results.

– Lasts about 12 hours

-Five cute color styling Product details


Type: Mosquito Bracelets(Floral,Fruit)

Volume: A pack with 30 pcs(Floral,Fruit)

How to use Take out the product from package to wear hands and feet Suitable with hand / foot / hair, insect repellent & stylish accessories combo.

KINCHO Mosquito Bracelets