Mell Chan Standard Mell Playset Doll Toy 咪露米露娃娃头发变色

Mell Chan is the No 1 selling doll in Japan. Mell Chan is a very cute and friendly doll that will please any little girl from 1.5 years old onwards. Mell Chan and her friends can take a bath and have their hair washed for real! Safe & qualitative, Mell Chan’s range of dolls is a very good choice for a 1st doll!

Mel-chan is perfect for your first time doll play.
It can be used for a variety of pretend play activities such as dairy, milk, bath, and sprinkles.
Mel-chan will turn her hair into pink when she enters the bath.

  • Mel-chan Doll Set
  • Recommended Age: 1.5 years and up
  • Set Includes: Short Hair Mel-chan (with diaper), Dress, Overpants, Milk Bottle, Brush, First Book


Mell Chan Doll Mell Chan Doll