NOTICE: This is a pre-order product which is only available from 7.6 – 7.12. The ETA is 4-5 weeks after its pop-up period.

A collaboration between “Calbee Plus”, which proposes “delicious” and “fun” that is one step ahead of Calbee, and “Tokyo Banana”, the No. 1 souvenir from Tokyo (*)!

Calbee Plus’s gift-based potato chips development technology and new Tokyo potato chips that make use of Tokyo Banana’s experience in developing Tokyo souvenirs have been completed.

Evolutionary potato chips that have adopted a unique commitment and special manufacturing method with the concept of “aiming for height and grasping the taste”.

“Calbee ++ Tokyo Banana Jaga Boulde” adopts Calbee’s evolutionary manufacturing method “Slowly delicious KGT manufacturing method”.

Unlike the powder-only seasoning, the condensed “delicious drops” are sprinkled on thick-sliced ​​potato chips to season.

With this manufacturing method, KGT (powder is hard to handle) has been achieved with a crispy outside and a crispy texture inside.

Please enjoy the delicate seasoning supervised by the famous Japanese restaurant “Hiroo Onoki”.


Calbee×Tokyo Banana Limited Potato Chips San Pepper Miso

Calbee×Tokyo Banana Limited Potato Chips Smoked Scallops