SAGAMI Original 0.02 Polyurethane condoms (10 pcs)

2nd generation with a wall thickness of about 17 microns.

  • Sagami Original 002 are almost imperceptible and the most reliable condoms in the world! Wall thickness: 0.02 mm – three times thinner than standard latex condoms.
  • The strength of polyurethane condoms is 2 times higher in tensile tests and 3 times higher in volumetric expansion tests.
  • Their thermal conductivity is 7 times higher than that of latex.High stability at temperature changes increases reliability and shelf life.
  • Heat is transferred as if there were no condom. Polyurethane condoms do not contain proteins and, as a result, there is no specific “latex” or “rubber” smell.The absence of proteins and chemical catalysts eliminates the corresponding allergic reactions (according to statistics, from 3 to 10% of the population in different countries are allergic to latex)
  • The high packing density of the polyurethane molecules makes the surface exceptionally smooth and contributes to a natural feel. High transparency contributes to the completeness of visual sensations.
  • The non-toxicity and complete biocompatibility of polyurethane contribute to safety in use.
  • Due to biocompatibility and high reliability, this material is widely used in the production of vascular catheters and artificial hearts.

Feachures condoms SAGAMI Original 0.02

  • nominal width: 58 ± 2 mm
  • nominal length: 190 ± 10 mm
  • lubricant: silicone oil
  • color: transparent
  • texture: smooth
  • packing: 10 pcs