Sagami Original Condoms 0.01mm 5 Pieces 幸福相模0.01超薄避孕套

The thinnest (0.01 mm!) in Sagami history is here!
Fifteen years after the original Sagami was released in 1998, the company created its 18 micron-thin condom.

No unpleasant latex smell!
Traditional condoms have a characteristic odor, but Sagami original 0.01 is made of polyurethane.

Safe for those with latex allergies!
Latex allergies can causes itching, pain, rashes and hives. Since Sagami Original uses polyurethane which is gentle to the body, it is suitable for those who are allergic to rubber or latex.

1, 0.01 mm? !
Sagami original 001, how thin it is 0.018 mm (※ measured by our company)
For example, it is a half of the wrapping film used in the kitchen if it is familiar.

2, you can use it with confidence even if it is thin! !
Is it anxious about strength when it is light? No, there is not such a thing.
Sagami original is not made of conventional rubber (natural latex)
It is a product of polyurethane material with higher strength and durability.
Although Sagami Original 001 is less than 0.01 mm thick,
It has strength 3 to 5 times stronger than general latex condoms of Sagami Rubber.

3, the warmth of the skin is transmitted instantaneously
Do not you feel “cool” when inserting a rubber condom?
Since polyurethane is a material that conveys heat well,
It instantly conveys the warmth of your partner’s skin, giving you a natural feeling of use.

4, the smell of rubber is zero!
Rubber condom has a unique rubber smell,
Since Sagami Original 001 is made of polyurethane as a material, there is no smell peculiar to rubber.

5, No worry about rubber allergy
Have you experienced allergic symptoms such as itching, rash, urticaria using condoms? Since Sagami original uses polyurethane excellent in biocompatibility as a material,
It is especially recommended for people who are concerned about latex allergy.

6, smooth surface
The smooth surface possessed by polyurethane realizes a gentle use feeling.
In addition, it is a material excellent in thermoplastic properties (namely softens when heated and hardens when cooled), so it has a soft fitting characteristic as it approaches body temperature.

7, Individual packaging is easy to open Blister pack
Sagami original blister Sagami original original blister package. Front, ura. Verification. Unnecessary!
Open it, pinch it, so you can just wear it
Even in a dimly lit bedroom, you will never mistake Ula!

8, the brand that continues to be selected
In 1998, the shock debut decorated “rubber not a condom”
Since the release of Sagami original, thin, durable, odorable, easy to handle individual packaging,
It realizes a natural feeling which is quite different from conventional rubber condom.
To deliver better products, technology and feelings are put in the film of only 0.018 mm.
From now on, we will continue to evolve further, thinner, stronger and soft.
The most delicious condoms in Sagami Rubber. That is Sagami Original 001.


1. Please put the condom on the penis after the penis has been erected before contact with genitals. 2. Place the condom on the end inside the individual packaging immediately before use, break the end far from the condom with your fingers, and remove the condom so that it will not scratch the condom. 3. The condom has two sides. After looking carefully on the front and back, place it on the top of the glans. At this time, please press lightly on the semen reservoir at the tip of the condom so as not to embrace the air. In case of a condom without semen pool, close it closely with the tip of the glans head. 4. Please slowly raise the condom towards the base of the penis with your fingers of both hands and cover it to the root. In this case, you can not install it if you make a mistake on the front and back. 5. After ejaculation, slowly pull out outside of the vagina while holding down the condom. 6. Do not flush the used condoms to flush toilets, and follow the local government’s disposal method.


Type  Standard Color colorless and transparent Diameter 36mm Length 170mm Precautions And use of condoms, only once per call. In each case, please use a new condom. • This product is under the technical guidance and strict quality control of Sagamigomu Industry Co., Ltd., is produced in Sagami Manufacturers’, we have to deliver to everyone. • This product, please use the Always read the instruction manual. – proper use of condoms, contraception is effective, and reduces the risk of infection in many other sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, but it does not guarantee 100% of the effect.

Sagami Original Condoms 0.01mm 5 Pieces 幸福相模0.01超薄避孕套

Sagami Original Condoms 0.01mm
Sagami Original Condoms 0.01mm
Sagami Original Condoms 0.01mm