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Skater Insulation Lunch Box Bowl Type Lunch Jar My Neighbor Totoro 540ml 龙猫保温饭盒便当密封碗型


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Skater Insulation Lunch Box Bowl Type Lunch Jar My Neighbor Totoro 540ml 龙猫保温饭盒便当密封碗型

★ A bowl-shaped thermal lunch jar that allows you to enjoy various donburi menus.

★ Super lightweight and compact for easy portability.

★ A two-layer structure consisting of a middle container for ingredients and a main body for keeping warm.

★ The main body is made of stainless steel with a vacuum double structure that can keep hot and cold, so you can enjoy both hot and cold food.

★ Packing is attached to the middle container, so ingredients such as curry with a lot of juice can be used.

★ Rice and noodles can be enjoyed in a bowl style, and the ingredients can be added later, so the noodles and rice will not be soggy.

★ The lid has an easy-to-carry handle.

★ Only the inner container can be microwaved by removing the lid.

★ Approximately 1.6 bowls of rice (approximately 200ml).

★ Thermal insulation effect / 52 degrees or more (6 hours)

* Size: about 115×140mm
* Capacity: [Content] approx. 220ml, [Body] approx. 320ml
*Materials: [Body] Stainless steel (acrylic resin coating), [Lid, inner container, inner container lid] Polypropylene, [Lid material] Styrofoam, [Packing] Silicone, [Bottom plate] Elastomer

★ いろいろなどんぶりメニューが楽しめる、丼型の保温ランチジャー。

★ 超軽量&コンパクトなので持ち運びやすい。

★ 具材などを入れる中容器と保温ジャーの本体の2層構造。

★ 本体は真空二重構造のステンレス製で保温と保冷ができ、温かいものも冷たいものも楽しめる。

★ 中容器にはパッキン付きで、汁気の多いカレーなどの具材もOK。

★ ご飯や麺をどんぶりスタイルで味わえ、具材を後乗せできるので麺やご飯が汁でふやけない。

★ フタには持ち運びやすい持ち手付き。

★ 中容器のみ、フタを外して電子レンジOK。

★ 本体に入るご飯の量、茶碗(約200ml) 約1.6杯。

★ 保温効力/52度以上(6時間)

* サイズ:約φ115×140mm
* 容量:[中容]約220ml、[本体]約320ml
* 材質:[本体]テンレス鋼(アクリル樹脂塗装)、[フタ・中容器・中容器フタ]ポリプロピレン、[フタ中材]発泡スチロール、[パッキン]シリコーン、[底板]エラストマー



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