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Skater Insulation Lunch Box Bowl Type Stainless Steel Lunch Jar 600ml 不锈钢保温饭盒便当密封碗型

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In stock

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Skater Insulation Lunch Box Bowl Type Stainless Steel Lunch Jar 600ml 不锈钢保温饭盒便当密封碗型

Not only the main body but also the lid has a vacuum double structure, which greatly increases the heat retention effect.
Durable and wild bowl-shaped thermal lunch box
The side dish container can be stacked on top of the rice container, making it less bulky and compact.
The medium container is large and can hold a lot of side dishes.
The amount of rice that can fit into the main unit is about 1.8 bowls (about 200ml).
Enjoy warm rice and noodles in a stylish bowl style
If you put side dishes on the rice before eating, the rice won’t get soggy and it will feel like it’s freshly cooked.
You can also eat pasta and udon deliciously by putting the noodles in a heat-insulating container and putting them in a side dish container.
The vacuum double structure has a high cold retention effect, keeping salads and other items cold.
Before putting food into the pot, be sure to pour boiling water to warm the pot before use.
As can be said for all thermal jar products, please prepare the main body in advance.
The original heat retention effect is demonstrated by warming it with boiling water before use.
Only the medium container can be microwaved with the lid removed.

Color ‎Silver
Size ‎600ml
Manufacturer ‎Skater
Accessories ‎Instructions
Material ‎Stainless steel
Product weight ‎0.42 kg
Home wash ‎Microwave safe
Microwave safe ‎Yes (inside container)
Contents ‎600ml
Assembly type ‎No
Product size ‎12.5 x 12.5 x 12 cm; 420 g
Packing weight ‎0.47 kg
Uses batteries ‎No
Batteries included ‎No
Birthplace of the brand ‎Japan
Country/Region of Manufacture: China








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