Best Decaf Tea in NZ

Decaf Muscat.  Decaffeinated black tea flavoured with the fresh, juicy flavour of ripe muscat (grape).

Tea Boutique Easy Decaf Tea Muscat 1.2g x 10 Tea Bag
‘ Decaf tea happy to those who are not good at caffeine.
‘ Mothers and kids who are refraining from caffeine are also easy to eat as well as relaxing time before the break.
‘ Triangular tea bag type.
‘ Muscat flavor.

How to drink Hot Tea:
1. Place one tea bag in a warmed cup.
2. Pour approximately 150 cc of boiling water, cook with a saucer etc. and steam for 1-2 minutes.
3. Please shake the tea bag lightly and take it after taking it out.

How to drink Iced Tea:
1. In the manner of hot tea, cut the amount of hot water in half and make a tea with twice the strength.
2. If you want to make it sweet like you like, add granulated sugar here and dissolve it or put in a gum syrup later.
3. Pour a lot of ice into the glass, pour the tea at once and let it cool.
” Please adjust leaching time according to your preference.
” Take your tea bag quietly from the cup before you ingest.

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Best Decaf Tea in NZ
Tea Boutique Muscat decaf tea bags