[Womens] Gelato Pique Animal Crossing Hoodie &Shorts Set 动物之森动物森友会短裤套装

【Animal Crossing: New Horizons Collection】


Made with soft, light and fluffy baby moko material. Enjoy the gentle texture.
BABY MOCO …is light and fluffy like feathers which was born from the thought of “wanting to deliver gelato pique clothes to children”. This is a MOCO MOCO with a dreamlike touch that expresses the fluffy volume and delicate texture of the short hair that is light like a sprout.

This item is made of soft and light baby moko material with short hair. This is a set of parka and shorts with a jacquard pattern of Timmy & Tommy, popular characters of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There are some grinning faces in it. It brings a sense of loveliness and healing that makes you smile when you find it. The zipper is pulled with a silicone charm with a leaf mark, and the pockets are embroidered with the Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Gelato Pique logo. Enjoy a relaxing time at home with a loose fitting set.

【ABOUT Animal Crossing: New Horizons COLLECTION】
Created with hopes to bring warmth and comfort to your homes.
“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” where you can enjoy a free-spirited slow life
has been realized with the “healing” comfort brought by Gelato Pique.

This year’s lineup includes happy and colorful items.
May time be warm to your heart.

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Details & Care

Material: POLYESTER Imported

Size & Chart

Full Length:68cm, Bust 120cm, Sleeve Length: 53cm

[Womens] Gelato Pique Animal Crossing Hoodie &Shorts Set

[Womens] Gelato Pique Animal Crossing Hoodie &Shorts Set